Real Estate Securities

EII Capital Management, Inc. a leading global provider of real estate securities investment management services. Since 1987, the firm has been managing diversified portfolios of publicly listed US REITs and real estate operating companies (REOCs). In 2000, we expanded our real estate securities offerings globally after concluding that there were significant opportunities to invest in international real estate securities from both a return and diversification perspective.  As a pioneer in real estate securities portfolio management, we made a significant financial/resource commitment to building our team and offering – in advance of significant client demand.  We are committed to innovating in the real estate securities arena and will continue to focus on identifying interesting investments for our clients.

As an asset class, real estate offers investors advantages including high current return, investment in tangible assets, generally low correlation to other asset classes, and inflation hedging qualities. Publicly traded real estate securities also offer added benefits of liquidity, flexibility, market pricing and transparency.

EII provides various strategies for investing in real estate securities with the goal of meeting clients’ diverse investment objectives.

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